Learning to See With Your Ears


So at some point in the movie Snowpiercer there’s a scene were a large number of rebels face off against a large number of guards in a long, otherwise empty, train car. But the guards were expecting them and have a plan: they turn off the lights in the train car and put on night vision goggles. The rebels can’t see in the dark and get totally slaughtered by the guards. Well how about that never happens to you because you can “see” in the dark like Daredevil. You know, the blind super hero guy who sees with a kind of sonar, like a bat.

If you go to World Access for the Blind, and they agree to teach you, you’ll learn a skill called human echolocation. So far they’ve only taught the blind but with enough convincing they might go mainstream. If not, get a copy of Beginner’s Guide to Echolocation for the Blind and Visually Impaired: Learning to See With Your Ears.

Basically you’ll learn to click your tong, every few seconds, so that whenever you do, assuming your in the dark or your eyes are closed, you’ll get this kind of quick flash of light in a dark room effect. There’s no color but it’s good enough to win a fight, as Daniel Kish, founder of World Access might tell you; he got into and won a lot of fights in his youth, no eyesight required. 

Check out this short video of Daniel Kish (he doesn’t mention the fighting here though) (3:41).

Being the only person who can see in the dark when shtf seems like a worthwhile skill to me.

Price: $25.16