Designated Marksman Sniper Training Course

GPS Defense Sniper Training Range

GPS Defense Sniper Training Range.

The Designated Marksman Sniper Course by GPS Defense in Phoenix teaches tactical precision rifle skills. The training is not about shooting stationary targets, it’s about fighting enemies with a sniper rifle. Where talking about 5 intense 10 hour training days of live-fire sniping.

When the shtf, there are two possibilities. The first is that after a while things get back to normal. The second is after a while things get worse. Much worse. No more law and order worse.
In case of a nation-wide failure of services, things will eventually normalise. In case of a global economic collapse, things will eventually become worse than Cuidad Juarez. If the shtf in that way and gangs start to form in a wide-spread manner, preppers should be prepared for that.
As a prepper you should give some thought to the  possibility that in a situation with no real law enforcement in place anymore and heavilly armed gangs starting to form, that communities will have to band together and protect themselves.
And that the only way for those communities to effectively protect their own would be to start picking the gang members off a few at a time.
Think about it: a straight up gun fight with such a powerful enemy would always end in death for the community members, but a hidden pair of snipers could do some real damage to a heavily armed gang that simply cannot find them. Given enough time, even drive this enemy out.
If you intend to prep beyond the point of food storage, into the point of being able to protect what you have, you will have to learn some tactical shooting, including precision rifle techniques. GPS Defense will be able to get you the training you need in that area. Watch as they test one of their new urban snipers (1:51).
Price: $1100