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Elide Fire Extinguisher Ball

Elide Fire Extinguisher Ball Thrown into a burning crate.

Elide Fire Extinguisher Ball Thrown into a burning crate.

The Fire Extinguisher Ball by Elide is the simplest and fastest way to extinguish a fire. Period.

Simply place a fire extinguisher ball near things likely to catch on fire and get on with your life. On the fateful day when shtf and one of the afore mentioned things catches on fire, the ball will explode, blowing a fire extinguishing powder all over the fire and putting it out immediately.

Here’s how it works: The ball is filled with a fire extinguishing powder and is sensitive to extreme heat. After three seconds of exposure to flames, it explodes, releasing it’s powdery goodness.

If you see a fire and there is no ball already near it, simple grab one real quick and throw it into the fire yourself. It only weighs 1.5kg (3.3 pounds) so even a kid can throw it. After three seconds of exposure to the hot hot fire, the ball will explode and the powder will put out the fire.

Not convinced yet? How about this: You’re happily driving on the road, when you get into a horrible collision! As you regain consciousness you find that you are trapped in the car. You become aware of a faint smell of something burning. Then smoke starts to billow into the car through the dashboard. You wriggle to get free but are definitely stuck. There is no time; you can already feel warmth start to build up by your feet. The flames will break through any second. We all know how this story ends. Or do we?

Keep an Elide Fire Extinguisher Ball in your car and never burn to death after a car crash again! The high temperatures that buildup inside vehicles during hot summer days or in desert like regions will not set off the little fire ball; only real life fire can do that. And you will be glad of it, if it ever happens to you.

See the little fire balls do their thing in this explosive video (2:25).

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