Gibbs Sports Quadski XL

Gibbs Sports Quadski XL, amphibious vehicle.

Gibbs Sports Quadski XL, amphibious vehicle.

We’ve talked before about bug out vehicles that both drive and fly. But depending on where you live a private pilots license may be a requirement for even owning one of those things. Even if you’re willing to go through the $5000 pilots training, let’s face it: not everyone likes to fly.

Enter the Quadski XL by Gibbs Sports. The love child of an ATV and a jetski, the Quadski XL is a vehicle for rough terrain and rough water. Picture yourself quickly bugging out through woods and across rivers, while neighbour John tries to remember how to fly.

How it works: once you reach a body of water, ride into the water and raise the suspension. At the push of a button the Quadski’s suspension can be lowered or raised, in approximately four seconds, to transition from riding to floating and vice versa.

Some specs:
Occupants: 2
Max land speed: 72kph (45mph)
Max water speed: 72kph (45mph)

For reference check out this short video (0:30) of the Quadski in action. It’s actually the Quadski XL’s smaller sibling, the one person Quadski, but the handling is the same.

No official training required.

Not EMP proof (except for the bicycles they never are, are they).

Price: $47,650