Ortega Submersibles MK.1C SHTF Bug Out Submarine

Ortega Submersibles Mk.1C Three Person Submarine For bugging out or rescuing people

Ortega Submersibles Mk.1C Three Person Submarine

When the shit hits the fan into a civil war, nearly no place in the country will be safe. To get from one place to the next, without violence, you will need to rely on concealment and stealthiness. You might need to bug out, travel for trade or for smuggling family out of hot zones.

We’ve talked before about using The World as a possible bug out location at sea, but other than that we haven’t really talked about using the ocean to your advantage. Let’s do that now.


It’s all out civil war, it has been for several weeks. When the conflict erupted, you were vigilant and got your family to safety within 48 hours. Your bug out location is well stocked, well-hidden and quite spacious considering. Within reasonable driving distance, you even have access to the sea. Your spouse and your kid are riding this thing out with you.

But you are not alone with them. Your spouse’s brother and his wife and kids are also with you. You had all agreed that if the shit ever hit the fan, your two families would rendezvous at the bug out location and support each other in numbers.

Last night your spouse’s brothers’ wife’s mother and father, who had remained in their town, because it was small and felt safe, reached out to her over the HAM radio. They have come under fire. Their town looks like Syria now. They ask for help and, seeing the look in her eyes, you agree.

They want to try to make their way to you but you know they will not succeed. Too many militias are patrolling the region between you. No vehicle will go unnoticed and things are so raw right now that they will likely be shot on sight. But you have a plan. Rather than cross the plane, you tell them to make their way to the docks. You will rendezvous with them and bring them the rest of the way.

You know exactly how you will do this because you are prepared. You and your spouse had gotten yourselves an Ortega Submersibles MK.1C just as soon as you could afford one. It is hidden at the bug out location now since it is how you got to the bug out location in the first place. It is your very own three person submarine. Yes, you are going to James Bond the shit out of this mission.

What Is It?

The Ortega MK.1C is a multi-purpose submersible craft. It works over and under water. Bug out above the surface and submerge as soon as unfriendlies come into sight.

There is onboard breathing equipment, but being able to just boat across the surface means you don’t have to waste your air while the coast is clear. HUD navigation, sonar, and FLIR technology are all available. Use these sensors to spot enemy vessels from a distance and to navigate between ships and shipwrecks in complete darkness.

With Mk.1C you can reach a destination up to 74 km (46 miles) away, turn around, and make it back to your departure point, all on one charge; it’s electric. The batteries are the size of standard 15 liter dive tanks. Speaking of diving, the Mk.1C will dive down to 95m (310ft) with no problems. With a 250 liter cargo hold, why not throw in some extra batteries just in case. Now you can get up to 148 km (92 miles), change batteries under cover of darkness, and hid back with your grateful passengers.

There is a one seater (MK.1A), two seater (Mk.1B) and a three-seater (Mk.1C). Here’s some pleasing MK.1A footage (1:47)


Range: 80 Nautical Miles / 148 km / 92 Miles
Beam: 115 Centimeter / 45 Inch
Length: 650 Centimeter / 256 Inch
Surface Speed: 9 Knots / 10.4 Mph
Submersed Speed: 11 Knots / 12.7 Mph
Cargo / Utility Space: 250 Liters / 66 Gallons
Price: Depends on customizations.


No larger than a large car
Electric, exchangeable batteries
Seats three (Mk.1C), or two (Mk.1B), or one (Mk.1A)


Not EMP proof

Price: TBD.