The SureFire 2211 Luminox WristLight

SureFire 2211® Luminox® WristLight

SureFire 2211® Luminox® WristLight

As the torch-of-the-future is the flashlight, I think the flashlight-of-the-future will be some kind of zoomable night vision contact lens. But wether I’m right or wrong the 2211 Luminox WristLight by SureFire is an excellent alternative for the present day.

The SureFire 2211 Luminox WristLight was designed with input from law enforcement professionals who were adamant they needed a hands-free tactical-level flashlight solution; that wasn’t a headlamp.

The SureFire 2211 Luminox WristLight is a kick-ass wrist watch with a built-in flashlight. Or rather a kick-ass flashlight with a built-in wrist watch. At 300 lumen it is very bright; bright enough to stop someone in their tracks! Maybe not a blind someone, but you know, other people.

The adjustable wristband means you can wear this securely but comfortably and have two free hands to work on whatever. If it’s shtf and you are holding a firearm, you can wear the WristLight on your supporting hand and using a standard two-handed grip, the WristLight will function just like a handgun light. Neat!

Just to return to the previous point for a second: blind people tend not to attack strangers without provocation so I don’t think it’s too much of a drawback that the light won’t affect them. Just saying.

Don’t worry about breaking the WristLight. The LED is virtually indestructible, the frame is hard-anodized aerospace aluminum and the wrist strap is made of durable rubber.

Sidebar: I’m not trying to stereotyping blind people; one might attack you without provocation if for example he or she just got dumped. I dunno.

But I digress. With more and more tools coming out with the ability to charge your devices through usb, it’s actually handy that the flashlight portion of the WristLight can be charged through its usb port.

Another nice tidbit: due to tritium vials in the hands of the watch, the hands are self-illuminating, making the watch easily readable even in low light conditions. And easy to find in dark. And cool-looking. Also jealousy-provoking. This watch strengthens confidence, builds character, oozes good juju, and many other magical things, I’m sure of it.

So if you’re a preparation minded person, who doesn’t want to get caught off guard in a blackout and just so happens to take pride in their ensemble of tools, this watch is for you.

See it in action [2:38].

Get it for $549.99