The Wasp Injector Knife

The Wasp Injector Knife with second gas cartridge pre-loaded into second knife handle.

The Wasp Injector Knife with second gas cartridge.

There are a lot of opinions out there on what the best knife is and why. And I’m sure everybody’s right, but here’s my best knife for shtf and why. The Wasp Injector Knife: a knife so badassedly murderous it was featured as a murder weapon on CSI, NCIS and Law and Order SVU.

I remember first seeing this knife on CSI:NY; I think I stopped watching and started looking the thing up online to see if it was real. The Wasp Injector Knife contains a small cylinder of CO2 gas compressed to about 800 PSI. That’s about the same amount of pressure as Mike Tyson’s punch in his prime. Or being more than 1500 feet under water.

To use it, stab something with the sharp end of the knife as you are accustomed to doing with other knives. Then press the release and watch as 28 liters of freezing cold compressed gas rapidly expands into and blows apart the stabbed thing.

Here’s a guy stabbing melons (0:47).

If you’re gonna carry a knife it might as well be this one. Drop a bear, shark, or evil-doer instantly and live to talk about it in a way that convinces people you weren’t scared.

Price: $499.95